Joel Biddle

Photographic Art

Black and white image of a photographer taking a landscape image

b. 1994, Joel Biddle is a photographic artist working in Kent, United Kingdom. A photography graduate of the Arts University of Bournemouth, his work is an exploration of the contrast between the still and the fluid, the harsh texture of geological structures and the glassy smooth of the surface of the sea. His work follows a search for a calming sense of tranquillity and a sense of quiet that reflects the locations in the works. These fractures of time transport the viewer to an unknown, with an absence of context being important.
A sense of isolation is established, but its not a bleak isolation, its more of a break from chaos, a choice rather than something forced. My latest work is about attempting to create something sacred. The romantic ideal, something unobtainable and timeless, is something I find difficult to avoid in my photography but is something I have found to only when I avoid any colour in my work. Using monochrome seems to allow me to see clearly and focus on composition.

Selected Exhibitions

Blank Wall Gallery


January 2021, Athens, Greece

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography

'Monochrome 3'

February 2020, Glasgow

London Metropolitan University

'Photomonth (Photograd Open)'

November 2018, London

Online / theprintspace

'Photography on a Postcard'

October 2017, London

CO-OP insights, Der Greif, Unseen Amsterdam

'Thread Count'

September 2017, Amsterdam

The Old Truman Brewery

'Free Range'

July 2017, London

The Arts University of Bournemouth

'HE Summer Show'

May 2017, Bournemouth

Factory Studios

'Concepts in Contemporary Photography'

May 2016, Bournemouth

Margaret Street Gallery (UK) & Calumet Gallery (USA)


October 2013, London & New York

Royal Geographical Society

'Travel Photographer of the Year (Junior)'

August 2012, London